Development history-ABOUT US-Shandong Huaxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Development history

2018- As a major special project in the field of information technology of the 863”, one of the subject that is the key technology research on high capacity and reliablity solid state disk  successfully passed the acceptance


2017- As a major special project in the field of information technologythat is Research and development of ultra high-speed solid state storage system (PCIe SSD) successfully passed the acceptance


2016- Fingerprint U + Key and multiple industry secretive SSD products successfully released


2015- SSD control chip (SATA ) successful got national cryptology certificate (SSX1526)


2014- SSD control chip HX8800 (SATA ) successful finished full mark


2013- USB3.0 large-capacity mobile security memory control chip HX6800 series completed mass production certification


2012   IC Industrial Park construction began in Jinan CFTZ


2011   Established a high-end IC packaging and testing production line


2010   Developed the high-speed controller chip for Solid Storage


2009   Succeeded in purchasing Qimonda's China R&D Center


2008- Shandong SinoChip Semiconductors Co. Ltd. was founded