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SinoChip love mutual funds held the launching ceremony cum first fund-raising activitiesDATE:2014-11-18 CLICK:

In order to develop the general staff's sense of social responsibility, practice thefraternity, Our wills unite like a fortress., unite as one, helping the concept of corporate social responsibility, at noon on March 14th, China held the China core core love is mutual fund launching ceremony cum first fundraiser, company managers and employees to participate in this activity






Employee donations

We witness the opening of the donation box


In addition to the modern enterprise for shareholders, stakeholders and employees create value, there is a very important responsibility to fulfill social responsibility, that is, only actively fulfill the social responsibility of the company to better achieve sustainable development. The company since its inception, the shareholders, the government and all circles of the society support, obtained the very good development, and create a good platform for the development and growth of employees. The company to accelerate its development and expansion in theprocess, should be through the cultivation of the consciousness of social responsibility, through every possible way, care for vulnerable groups within the company and society, promote social responsibility. The company advocates each employee to increase social responsibility staff, actively participate in social commonweal career, through the cultivation of social responsibility, so as to bettershape the corporate culture, enhance the corporate responsibility of the staff, to shape a healthy active life and enterprise value.

Huaxin love is mutual fund is the company owned mass platform for mutual voluntarydonation, fully adhering to the principle of voluntariness, according to one's abilities,the expression of love, social responsibility. The foundation will strive to do better more, rescue difficult employees better, to offer a caring society. Activities, the staffresponded positively, to be put into the box of love donation, donation site was permeated with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone firewood high flame, abilitydoes not divide size, regardless of how many charitable donations, not order, is alove. Public service, dedication, "only if everyone gave a little love, the world will become a better human", to help others, their own happiness of achievement.

Huaxin love is mutual funds as prescribed in the articles of association, the first week of March every year as the "company love week", will be organized by the collectivedonations and related activities, and constantly enhance the company and employeesocial responsibility. The fund will be open all the year round, employee acceptance ofvoluntary contributions. When a major disaster employees and members of their families or society, love is mutual fund according to the situation of the provisionalfundraising activities.