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    Domestic the first -- custom scheme of single chip core security USB3.0

    HX6801-Sxx series chip products

    High safety, fast processing speed, high efficiency, low power consumption, the implementation of small volume

    Design Technology: main control chip core of independent research and developmentbased security, built-in ultra high speed USB3.0 controller and AES hardware encryption module, integration of advanced technology of FLASH flash memory,support multi capacity, storage encryption.

    Product performance: support USB3.0 ultra high speed transmission protocol, read >100MB/s, write >40MB/s; using hardware encryption, the encryption process does not affect the speed of data transmission; support internationally recognized high strength encryption algorithm AES-128/192/256, the full support of state secret key encryption algorithm SM1/SM2/SM3/ SM4, high safety factor; built-in global wearhardware acceleration, the maximum extension of service life of flash memory.

    Product advantage: than existing generic scheme has low cost, small volume, strong ESD; decrease due to peripheral devices, which can simplify the design and improve the reliability of the production links.

    Application environment: suitable for high security requirements, size requirements of high product environment.

    Application: scientific research units, enterprises and institutions and so on, the reliability of data security requirements of high field.

    PRE:6802 State secret master